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Sunday, May 29, 2011


SZABIST, a well renowned education authority that provides student with the best educational learning in the whole of DIAC, with top professional and highly qualified faculty, they provide the best humane support with the best intellectual at the service of the student. They are friendly at the same time showing zero tolerance to abusive and non serious attitudes towards studies. Last but not the least, Szabist is the source of quality education and s supreme leader in providing the best educational services.


The students of Szabist have the convenience at their finger tips, a click away and they are online viewing their results, attendance, course files and outlines, this is an interactive system that ensures student do not get frustrated in the viewing of their marks and attendance from the registers. Also if any of the students want a brief recap of their semester results, these are also available to give an overall standing in terms of GPA and grades. with ZabDesk Szabist has leaped far for the greater good of students.


The student of event management had organized a spectacular cultural event in Szabist Auditorium, they had received tremendous amount of support from Szabist management, and it was because of their support the event had been a great success. They were all out for the event, and believed in the students and trusted them by providing valuable services and assets to their use. They had been offered private room to do the preparation for the event, they had also offered the auditorium for event to take place in. Permission to activities are given at ease, with teachers and students relation officers offering unanimous and unbiased support. Regular checks and balances are maintained to ensure students are on a right path during the course of the event preparation.